LiRo Corporate Management System

LiRo Corporate Management System

LiRo has instituted a four step Corporate Management System that institutionalizes a commitment to continuous improvement in the quality of the services that we provide to our clients.

(1) Standardize – LiRo's Corporate Policy Manual (LCPM) identifies the legal framework in which we provide our corporate and professional services and management's commitment of resources to ensure the quality of these services. These corporate policies are then realized in LiRo's Standards; over 70 documents that detail how our activities will be performed in a manner that meets or exceeds regulatory requirements and industry standards, and is consistent with our understanding of best practices based upon the expertise of our professional engineers, architects, construction managers and administrative staff. Controlled documents are accessible to all employees on LiRo's Intranet. Any LiRo employee may propose improvements to LiRo's standards at any time.

(2) Implement – Every LiRo project uses the LiRo Standards as the basis for delivering services to our clients in a manner that is consistent with client policies and contract documents. A project specific procedure manual is developed that establishes the standards needed to objectively measure the quality of our services. This manual includes a project organization, client communication plan, spreadsheet identifying each contract deliverable, project health and safety plan, project specific procedures and checklists. Project documentation of all client deliverables is prepared in a manner that is consistent with this manual and is available for review by the client and by government agencies.

(3) Audit – Every major LiRo project is audited annually. The audit consists of a review of project documentation to ensure client contract deliverables are consistent with client, LiRo, and legal standards. The audit team will typically interview both client and LiRo project personnel to gather their feedback on the performance of both LiRo services and the efficacy of the standards being used. The result of the audits are provided to both project and management personnel.

(4) Improve – The results of project audits are aggregated for senior management review with the goal of identifying systemic issues that need to be addressed, either by changes in policies, standards, training, and/or commitment of additional resources. Improvements are documented in LiRo's Policy Manual and Standards. E-mail notices are issued to LiRo employees to notify them of important updates.