Baruch Field Building

Baruch College Field Building Renovation

LiRo is providing construction management services for the renovation of the Lawrence & Eris Field Building, a landmarked building on the site of the nation's first public institution of higher learning. Starting in December 2011, the building is undergoing a series of phased renovations designed to significantly expand classrooms, research spaces, faculty offices, student, study and administrative spaces. These renovations are scheduled to occur over a four-year period. LiRo's BIM services will enhance the project team's understanding, planning, and construction activities to successfully deliver this renovation project while the building remains operational throughout construction for continued educational and research activities.

The Field Building contains approximately 285,000 sf of space and has a capacity for educating as many as 10,000 students. The initial phases of the project are:

  • Phase I/ Part I: Building Infrastructure Upgrades
    Comprehensive upgrade of the building systems to achieve a superior academic facility and to address the projected needs of the building. LiRo is working with the design team to develop a phasing plan which will assume that no single phase will comprise the renovation of more than four floors at one time.
  • Phase I/ Part II: Space Program
    Design and development of new layouts for each floor as well as the mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire alarm systems serving them.
  • Phase I/ Part III: Minor Renovation of Vacated Space
    The space previously occupied by the high school, approximately 25,000 sf, shall be altered to serve as swing space during the full building renovation.
  • Phase I/ Part IV: First Full Renovation Phase
    Full renovation of four floors of the building will include new partitions, doors and finishes; the distribution of MEP, systems designed and specified under Part I above, along with security and audio-visual systems; equipment and furniture.

Services Provided

Program Manager

Building Information Modeling (BIM)