High Line Environmental Investigation

High Line Environmental Investigation

LiRo provided environmental monitoring and site support for the redevelopment of this abandoned rail line into an elevated park. Originally built as an elevated railway to service the Meat Packing Industry along New York City's Westside in the 1930s, the High Line ceased operation in the 1970s and was abandoned for over 30 years prior to its transformation.

To enable pedestrian use, hazardous material had to be completely remediated. Lead paint was removed from the structure by abrasively blasting within an SSPC Class 1A containment. LiRo monitored this work and also performed the required third party air monitoring to ensure TSP-lead emissions were not generated. The blasted steel was cleaned to SSPC-SP 10 "Near White Blast Cleaning." Inspection of surface profiles in accordance with NACE standards was conducted to ensure that this requirement was met. Approximately 700,000 sf of structural steel was painted using a three coat moisture cured urethane coating system.

LiRo identified previously undefined asbestos conditions associated with the steel structure, abandoned rails on the track bed, and at an adjoining former meat packing facility that needed to be demolished. Bulk material testing was conducted to define the scope of needed remediation work and LiRo assisted in the preparation of abatement design documents including variance applications to NYCDEP. Inspectors and monitors were aggressively involved during the remediation phase and performed oversight of site activities throughout abatement activities. During the demolition of a meat packing facility located adjacent to the rail line on Washington Street, LiRo performed community air testing for silica and respirable dust.

At the conclusion of the work, environmental reports were prepared for each specific hazard addressed during the project while LiRo tracked all waste accumulations and processed generator fees to NYSDOF and to NYSDEC.

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