Jamaica to JFK AirTrain

Jamaica to JFK AirTrain

LiRo was responsible for construction inspection for the AirTrain project, which included a subway station extension, elevators, escalators, staircases, the Sutphin Boulevard Underpass, mezzanine renovations, and sidewalk entrances. Significant work was performed on interconnecting overpasses with the new LIRR 1,100 ft long passenger platforms, which contained canopies and platform facilities such as waiting rooms and information booths, canopies and the west overpass. Staging of this work provided for continuous use of the platforms and overpass.

The pedestrian mezzanine spans over the LIRR tracks and platforms at Jamaica Station, interconnecting the AirTrain Vertical Circulation Building (VCB) with LIRR Jamaica Station and NYCT's Sutphin Boulevard Station facilities. The new Transfer Mezzanine was equipped with three elevators on its north end for accessing the LIRR Jamaica Station Building and the NYCT Sutphin Boulevard Subway Station Mezzanine.

The VCB is a four-story building joined together with the seven-story, 170,000 s/f Jamaica Central Control Building (JCCB). The VCB was completely fitted-out and contains an Airline Terminal on the fourth floor. The upper three floors of the JCCB were constructed over the fourth floor of the VCB. The JCCB was constructed with complete building systems and ready for fit-out of the office space and control center for the LIRR's computerized central control system.

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