Lower Manhattan Program Coordination

Lower Manhattan Program Coordination

LiRo was the primary day-to-day coordinator of the Lower Manhattan construction projects, over $15 billion in construction, working under the direction of the LMCCC. LiRo was responsible for coordinating and organizing logistics, scheduling (using Primavera 5.0), and other actions relating to the various construction projects. In addition, LiRo monitored construction so that it proceeded in a coordinated manner, maintained the overall agreed-to-schedule and implemented measures to minimize disruption to the Lower Manhattan residential and business community. LiRo had the responsibility to coordinate with the owners, developers, designated agency representatives, project construction managers, and contractors engaged in the pre-construction, construction and close-out phases of these projects. Each stakeholder remained responsible for the management of their respective construction project.

LiRo developed and maintained a Master Logistics Schedule, which included the related issues of project logistics, utility coordination, and master traffic and MPT in the area south of Canal Street in Manhattan. Projects tracked included those by public agencies, utilities, and private owners having impacts on City streets either directly or through the loading of delivery networks. The Master Logistics Schedule was linked to a geographic information system (GIS) and this integrated tool supported both day-to-day coordination and decision-making and long-term planning with an appropriate mix of information technology. The LiRo Project Team also worked with the LMCCC's partner agencies to create an automated transfer of street impact information from the Master Schedule/GIS to the Lower Manhattan Traffic Model, which was used by the LMCCC, NYCDOT and other agencies in an integrated manner to manage the street network south of Canal.

Technologies Utilized:

  • Primavera Project Scheduler (version 6.0)
  • Primavera Risk Manager
  • Interwoven
  • Dreamweaver
  • Microsoft SQL Server (v. 2005)
  • ESRI ArcGIS, ArcSDE & ArcIMS (v. 9.1)
  • Paramics Project & Developer Suites (v. 5.2)
  • AutoCAD (v. 2007)
  • Google Map, Google Earth, Google Sketch up

Services Provided

Program Manager

Traffic Engineering