Marine Company 9 Firehouse

LiRo was Construction Manager for the FDNY Marine Company new barracks building, docks, and band breakwater. Located on a portion of the former U.S. Navy's Homeport pier, Company 9 supports FDNY's new state-of-the-art fire boat, Firefighter 2, which provides rapid response capabilities for New York Harbor. The project is located within the Stapleton Waterfront, a 35-acre former Navy site currently undergoing major redevelopment.

The building is a 9,000 sf, two-story steel frame structure containing sleeping, locker and changing facilities; a kitchen and sitting area; offices; storage rooms; and workshops. Supported directly on the pier, the metal curtain wall and masonry fa├žade was designed to reflect the materials, colors and massing of the fire boat. With water views that frame the nearby Verrazano Bridge, glazing was strategically placed to maximize views while providing privacy in living quarters. Taking advantage of the site's orientation to enhance energy efficiency, the designer incorporated a green roof, passive solar heating systems, daylighting, passive shading, and natural ventilation. Construction materials were sourced locally and/or contained recycled components. Marine 9 is intended to serve as a model for future sustainable practices in facility design and construction for FDNY, and is one of the Department's most energy efficient buildings.

Marine work included a 40'x40' landing barge, a 120'x10' float, a 1,100 lf coated steel wave fence surrounding the pier, and pier modifications.

Although BIM and LEED were not original design requirements, the project team incorporated LEED components into the building and used a BIM model for coordination during the project and for final record documents. LiRo performed computer modeling of the project, including complete clash detection and 4D construction sequencing.

Services Provided

Construction Manager