Nassau County 1st Police Precinct

Nassau County 1st Police Precinct

LiRo provided design services for a new 25,000 sf precinct building currently under construction in Baldwin. This project was the culmination of an effort by Nassau County to develop the "next generation" of police precinct buildings. As an initial step, LiRo provided a conditions assessment survey of all eight existing precinct houses, and interviewed Police Department personnel to identify needs, goals, procedural requirements, and security and environmental concerns. Spatial programs for each group were defined based on this information.

The approved program report was then developed into a schematic design for a prototypical Police Precinct, incorporating flexible space planning for future expansion needs. An estimate of the probable cost of the project was prepared. The use of Building Information Management (BIM) software offered multi-dimensional design capabilities.

Client review of both conditions assessment survey data and operational needs determined that the 1st Precinct was the most appropriate site for a new building. The prototypical program and schematic design were modified to provide the most efficient use of the selected site. The final design incorporated sustainable initiatives that will permit the energy efficiency, durability and environmental quality of the building to be maximized without impacting the cost of construction.

LiRo's design services are continuing with the development of construction documents for four additional precincts, based on the prototypical design successfully utilized for the 1st Precinct.

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