Number 7 Subway Line Extension

Number 7 Subway Line Extension

New York City's Number 7 Subway Line, known as the Flushing Line, is the system's busiest, linking the borough of Queens to Midtown Manhattan. The new 7,000 ft long tunnel will increase access to the far west side of Manhattan, stretching west to 11th Avenue and south to West 34th Street from its current terminus at Times Square/42nd Street and Broadway.

LiRo, in a joint venture, is providing program and construction management for the Number 7 Subway Line Extension, which includes:

  • 7,000 ft of tunnel by excavation, primarily with tunnel boring machines
  • A cavern station terminal at West 34th Street, formed by drill and blast tunneling and cavern construction
  • Shaft excavations for tunnel access and vertical circulation, construction of steel and concrete structures for stations and related facilities, construction and installation of tracks, drainage, third rail power and other electrical systems, signals, communications, HVAC and tunnel ventilation systems
  • Multiple fan plants, HVAC facilities, traction power substations, facility power substations, and communications and signal rooms
  • Full fit-out of the 34th Street Terminal for operation and commissioned with the Number 7 Subway Line Extension, including major building work to create a complete station.

Services Provided

Resident/ Construction Engineering & Inspection