NY Route 110 Corridor Reconstruction

NY Route 110 Corridor Reconstruction

The NYSDOT has initiated three separate companion projects to reconstruct the Route 110 Corridor between the Long Island Expressway and the Northern State Parkway in Melville. The goal of the projects is to strengthen the infrastructure, improve safety, streamline traffic, and encourage business growth in this busy commercial area. LiRo is providing inspection services for the final of these projects, which involves reconstruction of 2 miles of Route 110. The scope includes the provision of three continuous travel lanes in each direction; utility relocations; enhanced pedestrian signals, sidewalks, and crosswalks incorporating accessibility requirements; upgraded drainage systems to improve storm water control; pavement resurfacing; new traffic signals with improved timing; and landscaping.

Microtunnelling to permit the installation of a new 48" diameter drainage pipe crossing below the I-495 North Service Road was an important component of the project. The pipe connects with new drainage trunk lines extending from the Route 110 median and the LIE westbound exit ramp leading to Route 110 South, and terminates at a new recharge basin. A 30 foot deep jacking pit was dug to permit placement of the hydraulic microtunneling boring machine (MTBM) and jacking frame. Once the drilling head initiated the tunnel bore, lengths of reinforced concrete pipe were added in sections to extend the pipe run to the required length. An operator in a control booth at grade was able to monitor jacking activities through a video feed, and adjust the pressure and angle of the jack as required to maintain proper orientation. Soil material removed from the pipe path was ejected from the pit through a slurry discharge line, and deposited at grade for removal.

Construction completion is scheduled for late 2014.

Services Provided

Resident/ Construction Engineering & Inspection

Controlling the MTBM