NY Route 347 Redesign

NY Route 347 – Mount Pleasant Road to Terry Road

LiRo is providing design services for a design-build contract to widen, repair, and rehabilitate a section of NY Route 347 from Route 111 to Mount Pleasant Road to Terry Road, located in the Town of Smithtown, Suffolk County, New York. The road is a four-lane commercial arterial highway providing vital access to this area of Suffolk County. The road will be completely reconstructed and widened with additional travel lanes, and will incorporate the following aesthetic features:

  • Raised, planted, decorative center median
  • Pedestrian refuge areas and high visibility crosswalks
  • Decorative solar LED lighting
  • Sidewalk and shared-use path
  • Decorative pedestrian signals and poles
  • Bus stop improvements: decorative pavement, lighting
  • Bike racks and bus shelters
  • Trees, shrubs, and groundcover planting at various locations
  • Greenway Stop with information kiosk, interpretive signs, bike racks, shade structure, and seating
  • Decorative Sound Walls and retaining walls

The culvert carrying the Northeast branch of the Nissequogue River under the highway will be replaced with a natural bottom culvert with features to encourage safe passage for wildlife. A new positive drainage system will be installed that reduces the impact of stormwater runoff on the river. Existing utilities will be relocated to accommodate the new road configuration. Careful landscape design will integrate properties abutting the road with new construction to create a seamless Greenway or Boulevard. Sound walls will be installed to minimize vehicular impact on the community, and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) features will be installed to incorporate the corridor into the NYSDOT's INFORM system.

As the road is a heavily traveled route, Work Zone Traffic Control during construction will be essential to support continued traffic flow and to maintain access to businesses and other properties as the work proceeds.

Extensive coordination with NYSDOT and with local businesses and residents will be conducted to communicate project details to all stakeholders. Continuous interface with municipal facilities will ensure that utility modifications and relocations are properly phased to mitigate construction schedule impacts.

Services Provided

Civil Engineering

Structural Engineering

Traffic Engineering

Landscape Architecture