NYCSCA Various Assignments

NYCSCA Various Assignments

LiRo offers a long history working with the SCA successfully providing professional services in multiple disciplines for consecutive contracts totaling over $330 million. Under these contracts, LiRo has performed work on virtually every type of project in the Construction Management Emergency Response, Extension of Staff, and Mentor programs. We have a proven and reliable track record of project completion. Our team's construction and project management history with the SCA includes projects at over 500 schools and ranges from major, highly expedited restructuring programs, the construction of the new 297,000 sf Mott Haven Campus at the 8.7-acre site in the Bronx, to current assignments for the high profile, urgent and critical light fixture and ballast replacements and energy upgrades at 21 schools throughout New York City.

The LiRo environmental team has assisted the SCA with their projects having completed over 1,000 projects in 550 schools under consecutive contracts since 2004. Our environmental group has been involved with survey, design, and abatement monitoring in connection with ACM, LBP, mold and PCB contaminants. Having two complementary services provided by the same firm brings added value to the SCA in that the teams have worked hand-in-hand in many instances and both teams are familiar with maintaining the operations of an occupied facility, while protecting the safety of students, faculty and the general public. Additionally, LiRo is firmly committed to maximizing the participation of MWLBEs on our projects. We have continually sought to provide opportunities for approved MWBE and emergent firms to participate on our work. We have assisted over 50 firms in gaining access to the SCA or to the SCA's CM Response Program's construction work. Currently, over 60% of the construction work under this contract is being performed by M/WLBE firms, with over 50% of the construction work being performed by M/WBE firms.

As Construction Managers for the SCA, LiRo maintains a well-proven stable of pre-qualified contractors, and has successfully managed and is familiar with many of the SCA's M/WBE and Mentor contractors and specialty consultants, including two of its most reliable engineering firms: LORING and DVL (MBE). We have worked successfully with both companies who have extensive SCA portfolios and completed hundreds of MEP projects within the Department of Education's buildings program.

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