Peconic Bay Medical Center Imaging Suite

The Peconic Bay Medical Center imaging suite serves as a multiuse space, accommodating ultrasounds, CT-scans, mammograms, bone density scans, and MRIs. LiRo was responsible for creating a design that would not interfere with simultaneous tenant construction in the base building. This created an additional layer of coordination. LiRo worked diligently with the project architects and the base building contractors to coordinate equipment locations and site access during the tenant design process. The additional effort on the design team's part ensured the success of the tenant's program. To meet the needs of the new imaging suite, LiRo utilized VAV terminal boxes served by packaged rooftop equipment, in addition to supplemental cooling equipment to give individual spaces individualized control. LiRo specified two new 208V-480V step up transformers to create high voltage power for the imaging equipment, lighting, and mechanical equipment. LiRo also designed a new natural gas service to serve rooftop gas fired equipment.

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