WUH Ambulatory Surgery Center

WUH Ambulatory Surgery Center

LiRo has provided MEP design and construction phase services for multiple projects, over a period of several years, for this medical center campus and related off-site outpatient facilities. Scope has included design of HVAC equipment and controls; domestic water upgrades and hot water systems; centralized cooling plant installations; steam conversions; and electrical and fire alarm system upgrades.

A particularly complex assignment was the expansion of the Outpatient Ambulatory Surgery Center, which presented critical staging challenges to ensure continued operation of the facility during construction. With the addition of six operating rooms, 18 recovery beds, new central sterilization and pre-admissions testing areas, requiring new HVAC building controls, medical gas systems, and lighting, the final design represents the culmination of extensive coordination between user and construction requirements, resulting in phasing plans that fully address operational concerns.

In additional to the electrical work for Phase I, the mechanical work consisted of constructing a boiler plant to serve the custom air handling units and hot water reheat coils for the operating rooms. The boiler plant included three wall mounted, gas-fired high efficiency boilers rated at 370 MBH each. The boilers connected to a common manifold system to allow for full modulation and staging of all boilers. Circulator pumps were provided to serve the respective zones. The boilers also served an indirect domestic hot water heater. A pump set operating in lead/ lag configuration was installed for each zone to provide full redundancy of the system. All heating system specialties including expansion tanks, air separators, and chemical feeders were installed within the system.

A building management controls system (BMS) was installed within the facility to control all equipment. The BMS allowed for full control of the heating system, including adjusting set points, enabling and monitoring of equipment, and receiving any alarms.

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