Sea Glass Carousel

SeaGlass Carousel

Located on the original site of the New York Aquarium in Battery Park, this state-of-the-art carousel features a marine-themed, multimedia presentation within a spiral (nautilus shell) shaped steel and glass pavilion. LiRo provided construction management services for the entire project, which included mechanical systems, architectural components, and the ride mechanism.

The attraction has been designed to simulate a trip to the ocean floor, and riders sit within one of 30 iridescent Fiberglas fish that move in several directions on four rotating tracks. Fiber optic and LED lights glow from within each fish, transforming the space into an array of colors during the ride. An oceanic soundtrack plays simultaneously, providing a full theatrical experience.

The design of the carousel enclosure was inspired by the chambered nautilus, a sea animal that lives within a spiral shell. The multilayered steel structure, mimicking the shape of the nautilus, has glass inserts that will change in color from clear to cobalt blue as the imaginary sea descent occurs. The project was funded by The Battery Conservancy with assistance from the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation and the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation. WXY Architecture designed the structure in a collaborative effort with set designer George Tsypin.

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